Band 7

All of the Grade 7 Class takes this class. Our class/rehearsal time is Wednesdays from 11am-12:10pm

This course is meant to continue to develop the skills that students learned on their instruments in Grade 6. We hope to learn songs together, develop our music skills and develop our band playing abilities. It is our goal to explore the musical talent that the Lord has given us and be able to worship Him through musical expression.

Below you will find some useful resources. I will continue to post and update throughout the year. You can always email me at: with any questions or concerns:

September 2021: Review musical concepts, notes and rhythm and arrange instrumentation & rentals:

October 2021: Begin to play together, review notes and rhythms. Songs we are working on: #30, #31, #55, #56, #57 (from music sheets), Pirates of the Caribbean. Practice logs of 30 minutes a week required.

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