Band 6

The Grade 6 class becomes a beginner concert band!

In this course students will choose a concert band instrument (woodwind, brass or percussion instrument) and learn how to play. Student will work together as beginners using Essential Elements method books and teacher-created lessons to develop their playing abilities and musical knowledge.

We have class EVERY TUESDAY before lunch. Students need to make sure to take their instrument and music to school on Tuesdays and then take home at the end of the day on Tuesdays, to practice for the rest of the week.

If you ever have questions, concerns, or are having instrument issues, pleas email me at:

September 2021: review reading notes and rhythms and select instrumentations

October 2021: start on instruments. Students required to practice at home for 30minutes a week.

Junior Band (Gr8-9)

This is an elective Arts Class for Grades 8-9 students. Students should have previous knowledge and know how to play a concert band instrument.

Our hope in this year-long course (rotating A electives at the end of the day, Period 5, 2:20-3:10pm) is to build individual playing abilities as well as rehearse and work as a band and team. We hope to be able to perform as school venues.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like missed work or music you can always email me at: ghfdhj

Senior Band (Gr10-12)

This year’s ensemble is continuing to develop their musicianship, focusing on playing together as a group and hoping to be able to give some performances.

This class is a Period4 class for Semester 1 (Sept 2021 – Jan 2022)

Our basic schedule:

Monday: Rehearsal + Hymn Study

Tuesday: Rehearsal + Song Analysis Lesson

Wednesday: Rehearsal + Technique Focus

Thursday: Rehearsal + Student Assessments

Friday: Theory Lessons & Project Classes (no instruments)

Students and parents can email me with any questions or concerns or for copies of missing work:

Band 7

All of the Grade 7 Class takes this class. Our class/rehearsal time is Wednesdays from 11am-12:10pm

This course is meant to continue to develop the skills that students learned on their instruments in Grade 6. We hope to learn songs together, develop our music skills and develop our band playing abilities. It is our goal to explore the musical talent that the Lord has given us and be able to worship Him through musical expression.

Below you will find some useful resources. I will continue to post and update throughout the year. You can always email me at: with any questions or concerns:

September 2021: Review musical concepts, notes and rhythm and arrange instrumentation & rentals:

October 2021: Begin to play together, review notes and rhythms. Songs we are working on: #30, #31, #55, #56, #57 (from music sheets), Pirates of the Caribbean. Practice logs of 30 minutes a week required.